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For self-employment at the large level, it is important for the people to work for self employment by camping place in the entire country. It is important to work on sewing (by making the bakkiets), the construction of the bakery item, the construction of the jet emulsion and rasili tamarind (given in the plane). ) Pan, mango kettle, khakhra, coriander, pickle etc. are major.

Eye Inquiry camp

Ear Inquiry camp

kidney dialysis

Women Employment

HomeMade Product


Disbursement of Bucket Delivery

Ambulance Service

Organizations primarily serve the service, rites and self-esteem, and to serve everyone, to work for the development of everyone. Economic self-rule, social and national self-rule in the main is because the person will be self-reliant, then the society and the country will automatically be self-sufficient and capable.